Here's why I created Write Something Great

Being a screenwriter is insanely hard. Wouldn’t it be great…

  • to finally find time to write while still keeping the job that pays the bill?
  • to have a system that will allow you to write, even when you catch the worst case of writer’s block?
  • to stop calling yourself “aspiring screenwriter”, because you’re actually getting paid to write?
  • to know exactly what to do once you finally finish your script?

Hi, I’m screenwriter Pietro Schito and like you, I believe screenwriting is the most rewarding thing I can do. But I used to spend too much reading and talking about writing, watching movies “for reference” and getting lost in Google Maps exploring the location for my script “for research”. I was a screenwriting nerd, that didn’t write much.

After being blessed with a scholarship to study and film in Hollywood, everything changed and I was able to develop a system that allowed me to

  • write consistently every day, even when I don’t feel like it.
  • get hired from multiple studios to write both feature and TV projects
  • see my work on the big screen around the world.
  • leave my job and work full time as a writer producer.
  • getting to work with and being mentored by great artists, including Academy Awards nominees and winners.

I want to share my journey to help you thrive as a screenwriter, even if you live far from Hollywood and have little time to write.

Your next step…